vectorsMatricesForward.hh File Reference

#include "typedefs.hh"

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class  concepts::Mapping< F, DimY, DimX >
 Basic class for a 2D or 3D map. More...
class  concepts::Point< F, dim >
 Basic class for a Point or a vector. More...
class  concepts::UnitNd< dim >
 A vector of dimension dim and length 1. More...


 Basic namespace for Concepts-2.


typedef Point< Cmplx, 1 > concepts::Cmplx1d
typedef Point< Cmplx, 2 > concepts::Cmplx2d
typedef Point< Cmplx, 3 > concepts::Cmplx3d
typedef Point< Real, 1 > concepts::Real1d
typedef Point< Real, 2 > concepts::Real2d
typedef Point< Real, 3 > concepts::Real3d
typedef UnitNd< 1 > concepts::Unit1d
typedef UnitNd< 2 > concepts::Unit2d
typedef UnitNd< 3 > concepts::Unit3d

Detailed Description

vectors and matrices for 2D and 3D, forward declarations

Definition in file vectorsMatricesForward.hh.

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