hp2D::l2 Namespace Reference

2D hp-FEM for L2-conforming elements. More...


class  Quad
 A 2D FEM element: a quad. More...
class  QuadGraphics
 Handles graphics for 2D hp quadrilateral FEM elements. More...
class  QuadShapeFunctions
 A class for holding the shape functions of nodal elements on quadrilaterials for a particular polynomials degree (ie. More...
class  Riesz
 Linear form in 2D. More...
class  Value
 The approximated function in a FE space. More...

Detailed Description

2D hp-FEM for L2-conforming elements.

The Space can be built using full tensor product polynomial spaces in the elements or trunk spaces (and much more) by changing the way the degrees of freedom are built in the BuildDofsBase class (and its specializations).

Kersten Schmidt, 2016
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