Key class. More...

#include <connector.hh>

Public Member Functions

uint key () const
 Returns the key. More...
 Key (uint key=0)
 Default constructor. More...
 operator uint () const
 Returns the key. More...
int operator== (const Key &key) const
 Comparison operator. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static uint noKey ()
 Returns a key which never occurs. More...

Private Attributes

uint key_


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const Key &k)

Detailed Description

Key class.

Used for the enumeration of topological elements (connectors). It might be usefull to have topological elements with a key with more features...

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Key()

concepts::Key::Key ( uint  key = 0)

Default constructor.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ key()

uint concepts::Key::key ( ) const

Returns the key.

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◆ noKey()

static uint concepts::Key::noKey ( )

Returns a key which never occurs.

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◆ operator uint()

concepts::Key::operator uint ( ) const

Returns the key.

Definition at line 63 of file connector.hh.

◆ operator==()

int concepts::Key::operator== ( const Key key) const

Comparison operator.

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Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ operator<<

std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  os,
const Key k 

Member Data Documentation

◆ key_

uint concepts::Key::key_

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