concepts::ElementGraphics< F > Class Template Referenceabstract

Handles graphics output (to a file) of a specific element. More...

#include <element.hh>

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hp2D::BaseQuadGraphics< F > vectorial::Graphics< F > hp2D::l2::QuadGraphics< F > hp2D::QuadGraphics< F > hp2Dedge::QuadGraphics< F >

Public Member Functions

virtual void operator() (const Element< F > &elm, enum graphicsType type, CellPostprocess< F > &post) const =0
 Writes necessary data to a file for graphics. More...

Detailed Description

template<typename F = int>
class concepts::ElementGraphics< F >

Handles graphics output (to a file) of a specific element.

Every element which should be depictable should return a suitable object in its graphics method which is a specialization of this class. It might make sence to implement the class as a singleton.

HexahedronGraphics is an example of such a class.

The main advantage: the methods for graphics are now close to the element itself (in the same package / namespace / library).

See also
Philipp Frauenfelder, 2002

Definition at line 16 of file element.hh.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator()()

template<typename F = int>
virtual void concepts::ElementGraphics< F >::operator() ( const Element< F > &  elm,
enum graphicsType  type,
CellPostprocess< F > &  post 
) const
pure virtual

Writes necessary data to a file for graphics.

This method is called by the application operator of the object which should create the graphics file. Such an object is a specialization of CellPostprocess. It is best if an element returns an object of this type.

elmElement which should be depicted
typeType of graphics
postCalling CellPostprocess specialization, might be necessary to get some data
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