An abstract class for elements of the topology. More...

#include <connector.hh>

Inheritance diagram for concepts::Connector:
concepts::OutputOperator concepts::Connector0 concepts::Connector1 concepts::Connector2 concepts::Connector3 concepts::Vertex test::ResetConnector0 concepts::Edge concepts::InfiniteEdge test::ResetConnector1 concepts::InfiniteQuad concepts::Quad concepts::SphericalSurface concepts::Triangle test::ResetConnector2 concepts::Hexahedron concepts::Sphere concepts::Tetrahedron test::ResetConnector3

Public Member Functions

const Attributeattrib () const
 Returns the attribute of the connector. More...
virtual const Connectorchild (uint i) const =0
virtual Connectorchild (uint i, bool mode=0)=0
 Returns the ith child of the connector. More...
 Connector (const uint key, const Attribute attrib)
 Constructor. More...
const Keykey () const
 Returns the key of the connector. More...
int operator== (const Connector &cntr) const
 Comparison operator. More...
int related (const Connector &conn) const
 Checks if this connector is related to conn. More...
void setAttrib (uint attrb)

Protected Member Functions

virtual std::ostream & info (std::ostream &os) const
 Returns information in an output stream. More...

Protected Attributes

Attribute attrib_
 Attribute. More...
Key key_
 Unique key of the connector. More...

Detailed Description

An abstract class for elements of the topology.

The topology contains the informations about the inter-element connections.

This class prescribes the common interface for all topological elements (connectors). This interface consists of a method to query the children of a connector.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Connector()

concepts::Connector::Connector ( const uint  key,
const Attribute  attrib 


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Member Function Documentation

◆ attrib()

const Attribute& concepts::Connector::attrib ( ) const

Returns the attribute of the connector.

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◆ child() [1/2]

◆ child() [2/2]

virtual Connector* concepts::Connector::child ( uint  i,
bool  mode = 0 
pure virtual

Returns the ith child of the connector.

iIndex of the child
modeIf mode = false(0) the child is created if it does not yet exist, if mode = true(1) no new children are created (ie. 0 is returned if no children exist).
Either all children or no children exist.

Implemented in concepts::Connector3, concepts::Connector2, concepts::Connector1, concepts::Connector0, concepts::Hexahedron, concepts::Tetrahedron, concepts::InfiniteQuad, concepts::Quad, concepts::Triangle, concepts::InfiniteEdge, concepts::Edge, concepts::Vertex, concepts::Sphere, and concepts::SphericalSurface.

◆ info()

virtual std::ostream& concepts::Connector::info ( std::ostream &  os) const

◆ key()

const Key& concepts::Connector::key ( ) const

Returns the key of the connector.

Definition at line 105 of file connector.hh.

◆ operator==()

int concepts::Connector::operator== ( const Connector cntr) const

Comparison operator.

Definition at line 102 of file connector.hh.

◆ related()

int concepts::Connector::related ( const Connector conn) const

Checks if this connector is related to conn.

It is being checked if one of the two is an ancestor of the other.

connOther connector
An integer i.
i=0 if there is no relationship or the connectors are identical
i>0 if conn is an ancestor of this connector
i<0 if conn is a descendant of this connector
|i| gives the number of generations between the connectors

◆ setAttrib()

void concepts::Connector::setAttrib ( uint  attrb)

Definition at line 111 of file connector.hh.

Member Data Documentation

◆ attrib_

Attribute concepts::Connector::attrib_


Definition at line 132 of file connector.hh.

◆ key_

Key concepts::Connector::key_

Unique key of the connector.

Definition at line 129 of file connector.hh.

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