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Directory structure

The directories of Concepts are structured in the following way (not all are available in the public version):

Directory Description Library created Library used
basics/ Basic definitions like type definitions, exception handling, (small) vectors and matrices. libconceptsbasics
toolbox/ Definition of classes for data handling (arrays, STL vectors and sets), input-output handling, functions on strings. libconceptstoolbox libconceptsbasics
integration/ Definition of integration rules and family of 1D functions to define the basis of finite element spaces. libconceptsintegration libconceptsbasics
formula/ Definition of formulas, e.g., for sources, and formulas defined on cells, e.g., for materials, or finite elements, e.g., the finite element solution. libconceptsformula libconceptstoolbox
geometry/ Definition of topological and geometrical objects and of meshes in different dimensions. libconceptsgeometry libconceptsformula
python/ Python classes to define input files and meshes to use within Concepts.
matlab/ Some useful scripts in Matlab.
space/ Abstract definition of finite elements and finite element spaces (boundary elements are special finite elements). libconceptsspace libconceptsgeometry
function/ Definition of linear forms and (coefficient) vectors representing e.g. the solution or the source. libconceptsfunction libconceptsspace
operator/ Abstract definition of operators and matrices. Definition of bilinear forms, sparse and dense matrices, of iterative solvers like CG and GMRES, interfaces to external solvers like MUMPS or Trilinos Belos. libconceptsoperator libconceptsfunction
sparseqr/ QR decomposition for sparse matrices (external package). libconceptssparseqr libconceptsbasics
constraints/ Definition of constraints like essential boundary conditions. libconceptsconstraints libconceptsoperator
vectorial/ Definition of finite elements for vector fields and respective linear and bilinear forms as well as block operators. Definition of the Uzawa and the Bramble-Pascial algorithms for saddle-point problems. libconceptsvectorial libconceptsoperator
eigensolver/ Abstract definition of an eigenvalues solver and interfaces to external packages like Arpack++. libconceptseigensolver libconceptsoperator
matfile/ Input and output of dense and sparse matrices from and to the binary format of Matlab. libconceptsmatfile libconceptsoperator
graphics/ Routines for the graphical output of meshes, finite element solutions or formulas to Matlab's binary format, to a Matlab's M-file, to a VTK-file, to EPS, or Tecplot. libconceptsgraphics libconceptsmatfile
timestepping/ Definition of time integration schemes, like explicit and implicit Euler, Crank-Nicolson, Runge-Kutta, Newmark. libconceptstimestepping libconceptsoperator
applications/ Directory contains all example programs that you find in HowToGetStarted, Tutorials, and Applications
app-.../ Private directories for Concepts users.
builds/ Directory where the executable files and object files are written to.
makesupport/ Supports the making of the Concepts libraries and the linking of external packages.
doc/ Directory for this Doxygen documention.
models/ Definition of some models, mainly in electromagnetism.
waveprop/ Definitions needed in wave-propagation problems like plane waves or PML layer.
hp1D/ hp-adaptive finite elements in 1D and respective linear and bilinear forms. libconceptshp1D libconceptsoperator
hp2D/ hp-adaptive finite elements on quadrilaterals in 2D and respective linear and bilinear forms. libconceptshp2D libconceptshp1D
hp2Dedge/ hp-adaptive H(curl2D)-conforming finite elements on quadrilaterals in 2D (called edge or Nédélec elements) and respective linear and bilinear forms. libconceptshp2Dedge libconceptshp2D
hp3D/ hp-adaptive finite elements on hexahedras in 3D and respective linear and bilinear forms. libconceptshp3D libconceptshp2D
bem/ Definition of finite elements on triangles in 3D (boundary elements), boundary element spaces and bilinear forms for the Laplace single layer and double layer potential. libconceptsbem libconceptsbemInt
bemInt/ Integration routines for boundary elements. libconceptsbemInt libconceptsbasics
aglowav/ Agglomerated wavelets for boundary elements. libconceptsaglowav libconceptsbemInt
aglowav2/ Agglomerated Haar wavelet for boundary elements. libconceptsaglowav2
linearFEM/ Linear finite elements on intervals in 1D and on triangles in 2D and respective linear and bilinear forms. libconceptslinearFEM libconceptsoperator
linDG1D/ Linear discontinuous Galerkin finite elements in 1D. libconceptslinDG1D libconceptslinearFEM
linDG2D/ Linear discontinuous Galerkin finite elements on triangles in 2D. libconceptslinDG2D libconceptslinearFEM
linDG3D/ Linear discontinuous Galerkin finite elements on tetrahedra in 3D. libconceptslinDG3D libconceptsspace
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